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Limited 30 Day Warranty

We make every effort to ensure our quality products are well protected from common environmental attacks like sunlight and oxidation due to defective corks. Our bottles are the heaviest and darkest in the industry and provide excellent UV protection; while our 100% sorted top grade, extra long natural corks ensure that our wines micro oxygenate properly in a cellar environment without the risk of oxidation.

While we made extreme efforts to bring you the best quality wines in Canada, very seldom, if not rarely we anticipate a bottle that might be off due to unforeseen circumstances. We assume that the wines are properly stored in a cellar environment with no direct sunlight and kept cool below 15C. We also recommend our products be properly decanted. In the rare case of after all of the above, you find that our product is deemed defective, our policy is as follows:

  • Quickly pour the wine back into the bottle
  • Ensure you seal the bottle using the original cork, we need this for further analysis
  • Our products are guaranteed for 30 days from purchase
  • Please notify the winery right away or as soon as possible via email
  • Bring back the product to the winery with dated receipt or credit card statement
  • Exchanges only. No refunds. In the event that the particular wine is sold out, a credit towards another product will be applied.