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A trip around the Langley area brought me to this hidden gem of a winery that when I return again, I will be doing some more damage in regards to my wallet for coming into this wine haven! Driving around, and not having much luck with my tastebuds and the wines around Langley I was all about to just settle for the rest of what near the border can offer, and another sign saying "wineries" made me turn into a place that I will gladly return anytime and make the effort.

I have been to many wineries, forget for a second just based on Langley, I'm talking other places like Oregon, Napa, even Niagara, and when you come into Blackwood, just the showroom itself feels professional, it feels right. From the nice bar seatings to the layout, it is a different feel compared to what is around this area for places like this. When you drive into this place there is a green and red light, as you have to drive up hill, one lane to the parking and you get a great view from atop this hill of the valley. After you have been awed by the scenery outside, you enter this place, and the first thing you see on the wall are clippings of Carlos, the president and owner of this winery, and his talks about making good wine, and what good wine should be. After my day trip here this day, my tongue was a bit skeptical on what I would be tasting and here is where you just fall head over heels on this wine.

Carlos, the man in the paper clippings, is here, and he tells you abit about himself, the history of drinking good wine, and going through the days of bad cheap wine in his university life. Also, there are free tastings, of a few of the wines, which are excellent, then you get to the paid one, which he starts you off light, and ends you off with the merlot  (which was talked about in the papers clippings). I have tried many, and this one blew me away, with some of his other wines. Once I had my first sip I quickly requested a bottle to purchase. If you end up buying any bottle here, the tasting fee is waved, and you may think that for BC it is only the Okanagan that has great wines, this one is one of those hidden gems! It is not cheap, but you are paying for quality, and also when you listen to Carlos, you know where he is coming from on wines.

The place also is not your average winery in Langley. They also sell spreads as well from the grapes they use. Mark it on your list the next time you are out in this neck of the woods!

Simon K, Vancouver

Monday, July 27: This week it looks like I'll be working on the Reader's Digest book of wine touring in Canada. Tasted a wine from a new winery called Blackwood Lane in the Fraser Valley, BC. It's called Alliance 2006, a Bordeaux blend. Unlike the wines from Oliver-Osoyoos, this wine is more elegant and claret-like. Richly extracted fruit with flavours of blackcurrant, bramble and bitter chocolate. The best red wine I've tried from the Fraser Valley, a region that doesn't get the attention of the Okanagan.

- Tony Aspler, Toronto


I have been wine tasting at BWL for many years now, exceptional wine and Carlos and Kim go out of their way at the tasting room. I recently opened a bottle of the Merlot Port and it was one the best Ports I have tasted all year. Carlos' wines do not produce headaches or affect you in a negative way.

- Shelby Goerzen