Vineyards & Winery

You can also enjoy bottles of wine, and cheese boards on our patio! 

Our cheese boards are made to order with only the finest ingredients. Premium meats, specialty cheese, seasonal fruits, and nuts served with freshly baked crackers. 

Also enjoy fresh complementary Focaccia bread made in our pizza oven while sitting on the patio! 


Italian Chocolate, Cherry & Truffle Balsamic

Italian Pistachio Cream Spread 

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Maple Balsamic & the Truffle Pate 

Welcome to Blackwood Lane Winery!

Welcome to Blackwood Lane, the home of 

the most prestigious wines in Canada.

All our wines are hand crafted over many years, 

resting in French oak barrels to obtain the highest 

quality products.

By focusing on quality rather than quantity, 

Blackwood Lane manages to produce wines that 

are parallel to none.

Experience our superior wines and discover what 

difference quality makes.


Great wines start at the vineyards

Single vineyard grapes


Handcrafted wines and painstaking cellaring

Old fashioned wine crafting


Amazing world-class final products

Amazing wines